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Welcome to my page and company, Legal Law Service. We are experts in Family Law assistance (divorce, custody and child support) and helping those be FREE from being stuck in HIGH Interest Personal Loans. The Main office is located in San Diego, but I serve all of California.
I agree, legal work is expensive!! Let us give you an option and freedom to start or fix your case in an affordable way. I work as hard as I can to save you money, and do your case the right way. I don't want to waste your time, so contact me today, and get working on  your case. 
As a single parent myself, I understand your new or continuing stresses that come with divorce, support, financial issues and custody, if there are children.
I have gone all the way to a trial while representing myself against a law firm. I was able to get majority custody and won my child support case, while defeating their motion, asking for $10,000 in legal fees.   I know what you are going through.  Let our knowledge of over 14 years of family law experience be your defense and  your asset. 
*Uncontested Divorce, FL100 only, starting the petition. Court required filing fees are extra. But there is an option to get my help with getting your fees waived based on income.

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