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High Interest, Personal Loan Issues
  • Are you currently being sued in Civil Small Claims court for non payment of a HIGH interest personal Loan from a California Loan Company?

  • Have you made payments on your loan?

  • Have you paid close to, or the amount of your original loan amount?

If so, CALL OR Email me TODAY!! Do not wait, I have helped MANY people get out from under these VERY high personal loans, and I may be able to help GREATLY reduce your loan, or in a lot of cases, get your JUDGEMENT in YOUR favor, and it dismissed.  Call or Text me at 760-586-2362 or email me at Corey@LegalLawService.com.

Starting at around ONLY $200, depending on the situation, YOU could save hundreds or even thousands on your repayment of these loans. In some cases, I can get them dismissed and even get YOU a judgement to stop the court case. 

DO NOT wait, don't default on your loan, call Legal Law Service TODAY for more information.