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About Us


Legal Law Service is for YOU. We take personal interest in your case because we have been there. Our staff is made up of single parents with custody, support, divorce and even TRO experience. We understand what you are going through, and personally will make sure we get the best preparation in your case.
When choosing legal assistance, you must make sure that the service you hire has experience. Court rulings are very important, and choosing just the "cheapest" service can have very severe consequences when done incorrectly. 
It is vitally  important to have all the required standard legal forms done, filled out correctly, and submitted on time.
At Legal Law Service you can be sure that all forms are filled out correctly, fully, and include everything that is required.  We have a friendly and understanding staff waiting to help you and answer your questions. We always take the time to explain what you need and your best options.  Give us a call TODAY at  760-586-2362  to set up an appointment  to have all of your legal information needs met.  
The documents are completed in your name as a self-representing party  or "In Pro Per" and you would need to make any court appearances should that become necessary.
You can schedule a 15 minute, free consultation with us, where we will give you an estimate on the hours, and the forms that would be needed to complete your case. We will do everything we can do lower your costs and get you the fair treatment you deserve.
Our name does not appear on your documents, however, you will get personal, detailed service in all matters.  We can answer your questions and listen to your concerns about your case. 
Legal Law Service will prepare all of your forms, and can even file your papers for you as an extra service.  We do so with your best interests in mind. An attorney will review all documents before they are filed with the court to ensure that the documents have been properly prepared.
We offer you a way to save thousands on your case. We have successfully provided our services and have years of experience in courtrooms and with all types of cases.